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Welcome to my Tommy Larkin Music

Tommy Larkin Music is dedicated to creating music that's a true reflection of modern life.  Folk songs for modern folks.  Tommy loves the blues. Tommy loves folk songs.  But Tommy's not a farmer and he's not going to pick cotton.   So Tommy doesn't write cotton-picking blues songs.  Tommy writes songs set in a variety of musical genres that reflect the human emotion and issues of our time in the 2010s.

Tornado Song

One of Tommy's most haunting songs recounts the harrowing tale of a family caught in a trailer as a Tornado struck.  Nikki Bradshaw Carpenter is the song which tells the story of that Tornado and what happened. 


The first single, Typing and Cussing

Typing and cussing is in the vein of "Take This Job and Shove It" but set against the cubicle environment of "The Office" that many folks work in today.