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Tommy Larkin - Producer

Tommy is about accepting and even cherishing paradoxes that political correctness tries to deny even exist.
Tommy knows war is about destruction, business is about selling, and music is about creating.
Tommy is a true romantic yet can rap mysoginistic because let's face it, no woman is an angel all the time.

You get the idea that Tommy is a man of contradictions.
A man with hundreds of friends who would come to his funeral. Yet Tommy likes eating alone becuase because everyone else is too slow.
Tommy went to war. Tommy kept the bullet that almost got him.
Don't ever say the phrase "Dead Ahead" around Tommy, because he will tell you to TURN immediately.
But being a man of contradiction, Tommy continues to be optimistic.
Some things may be sweet. Some things may be edgy. Which is why Tommy has such a sweet, edgy sound.

Why should you listen to Tommy's music?
Because in it you're going to find some part of yourself or someone you care about -- which is the same thing.
Because perhaps you have a bit of Jekyll and are hiding a Hyde.
Because you pitty Charlie Sheen but know that he speaks for a part of your manic soul.
So whether you're fourteen or forty, you'll find that Tommy fits.
You don't feel the same way every morning when you wake up. And no two of Tommy's songs are the same.

Because Tommy believes in free speech.
Whether it's talking about how screwed up we are or how special we are in America.
How much women make our lives miserable or how much we can't live without them.
On any given day, you may find that Tommy is speaking to the emotion you're living.

Today we live our lives in the CNN, TMZ, 24 hour celebrity newscycle blogosphere where corporations advertise that they have souls.
So every romance, every breakup, every promotion, every butt chewing by your boss that makes you swear you are really going to quit this time, can be broadcast via text with a picture from a bar where you can't smoke anymore.
Gambling but who's winning when all the houses are in foreclosure.

Tommy's music is about the highs and the lows in life.
Because everything in the middle is just vanilla.
Everything in the middle is just not worth talking about.