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Tommy Larkin

Tommy conceived the project as a concept album about truths and paradoxes of modern culture which are rarely mentioned in music.  He calls it “Folk music for modern folks”.  The  songs use biting lyrics to tell modern stories such as a soldier who loses a leg, a woman defending her children from a Tornado, and the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.  Tommy also describes the mundane things that give many of us the Blues such as too much Facebook, too many emails, excessive child support, and endless pleas for charitable donations. 


Tommy describes the project by saying,  “I wanted to bring the same intensity and honesty that Eminem expresses but use more traditional musical styles.  At the same time, I noticed how few meaningful songs were being written about important political topics and long term relationships.  So Truth In Anger is my attempt to combine these two concepts in music.”


Track List

1. Typing and Cussing 04:33
2. Somethin Happened 02:09
3. California Fault Line 02:21
4. 4 O'Clock Drink or Cry 02:50
5. The Meaner You Are, The Nicer I Get (Pt 1) 00:23
6. Yesterday No More 03:59
7. The Meaner You Are, The Nicer I Get (Pt 2) 00:10
8. Nikki Bradshaw Carpenter (Album Version) 03:27
9. The Meaner You Are, The Nicer I Get (Pt 3) 00:23
10. It's Just For Me 04:56
11. The Meaner You Are, The Nicer I Get (Pt 4) 00:24
12. Keep Your Junk 03:28
13. The Meaner You Are, The Nicer I Get (Pt 5) 00:33
14. Mississippi Canyon 252 05:32


 "As was stated in the beginning of this review, Tommy Larkin is a unique musician. There really isn’t any way of describing him in concrete terms. He’s got the quirky, lo-fi tendencies of a young Daniel Johnston, and the blues roots of De Stijl-era White Stripes, but Larkin still retains his own, stylized sound: and isn’t that the mark of a truly interesting musician?"
Jordan Capizzi,


"Hard hitting.  I kept wondering what the next song was going to be about.  I've listened to the album three times in a row now and a different song grows on me each time.  That's why I gave it 5 stars. "
Ethan Joy on